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Iris is an intuitive Media Player and Music Visualizer for your Xbox 360. It features 10 unique customizable music visualizers, along with access to your Media Library on your Xbox 360 and on your Windows PC using Windows Media Connect. Pick your favorite songs, then sit back and enjoy the show.



Players: 1
HDTV 720p

Countries: Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Languages: English

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Iris 2009-08-29 17:12:00 jigsawhc
Overall Fun Level 
jigsawhc Reviewed by jigsawhc    August 29, 2009
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No reason to get it.

But it does what it says.

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Iris 2009-08-29 17:00:29 ExaltedLegions
Overall Fun Level 
ExaltedLegions Reviewed by ExaltedLegions    August 29, 2009
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Iris (Altered Reality Entertainment)

Indie Game (IG) under Review: Iris
Developed by: Altered Reality Entertainment
System: Xbox 360
Genre: Music
Version: 2
Cost: 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50)
Download Style: Full Game/Trial Game
Download Size: 1 Mb
Learning Curve: 5 Minutes
Overall Rating: 9/10
Main Features:
- Players 1
- HDTV 720p
Other Features:
- 10 visualizers (Wheel, Ghost, Tank Wars, Stars and Stripes, Gravity Wells, Symmetry, Kaleidoscope, Spheres, Equalizers, Burn Baby Burn)
- Customize the visualizers
- Explore the media library (Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlists, Now Playing)
- Turn visualizer Shuffle ON/OFF
- Turn color shuffle ON/OFF
- Turn rumble ON/OFF
- Select various media sources (Xbox 360 and/or Windows PC)
- No dedicated search feature (type in an artist/album/song and then have Iris find it for you)
- Main Menu (start menu) does not flow right
- Cannot create and save playlists in Iris

Violence - 0/3
Sex - 0/3
Mature Content - 0/3


Please Note: Unless otherwise specified, I have bought and played all aspects of the games I review.

Downloading Indie Games:
1. Turn on Xbox 360 and sign into XBOX Live.
2. Navigate to: Game Marketplace=>Explore Game Content=>Indie Games
3. Look around and download games!

Important Indie Game Reminders:
1. They are NOT rated by Microsoft or the ESRB.
2. They can only be played while connected to Xbox Live.
3. They can only be played for four or eight minutes before the trial ends (depending on when released).
4. Some features may be locked in the trial mode.


Iris is like having Windows Media Player on your Xbox 360! Ten visualizers are built-in ready to be customized and played. Play songs from your Xbox 360 or Windows PC using Windows Media Connect with an intuitive interface.

Note: This game was reviewed using the latest .ccgame file provided by the developer. This has not influenced the review in any way.


The visualizers are fantastic! Customizing them is amazing as well. Simply changing the colors of the visualizers can make them feel new each time. In addition to color changing, some allow other features to be customized such as gravity strength (Gravity Wells), inverse symmetry, smoothing (Symmetry), piece width, piece height, reflection opacity (Equalizer). There are ten visualizers in all (Wheel, Ghost, Tank Wars, Stars and Stripes, Gravity Wells, Symmetry, Kaleidoscope, Spheres, Equalizers, Burn Baby Burn). The Burn Baby Burn visualizer look familiar? That is because it is the main Iris logo. My favorite visualizer would have to be Tank Wars because it is not a common visualizer.

The music navigating menu graphics are crisp, easy to read (even on an SDTV), and well implemented. They do not overdo themselves and take away from the visualizers which is a great thing.

MUSIC: 10/10

The game has no music besides your own. This is a good thing so that you only hear your music and nothing else. No more having to worry about the game’s background sounds, only your own music! If you do not have music, the game is not at fault. Iris is built to play music and not provide it. Judge this field by how good your music is!

STORY: 0/10

No story.


Iris is a Media Player that works remarkably well. First turning on the game asks the user what storage device they would like to use. If there is music on the hard drive, it is an option. All computers connected using Windows Media Connect are options as well.

To learn how to connect a Windows PC to the Xbox 360 using Windows Media Connect, click here. Make sure that both are already connected on the same network (routers are the most common way).

Now that the two are connected, Iris can stream music from your PC to your Xbox 360. I speak only for myself, but I have had a bad experience using the Xbox 360 Dashboard’s Windows Media Center. It constantly freezes up so Iris is a pleasant change in that I have never experienced a problem with it. Iris will load the music library which can take a few minutes. This is not bad because the way it loads everything else is very intuitive. Everything is loaded as you use it and loads fast. Designing the game this way was very smart. This way Iris does not spend extra time loading music that you may not listen to. Instead it loads it when you need it and you do not have to reload it until exiting the game and replaying Iris.

The music library can be explored by looking at artists, albums, songs, genres, playlists, and now playing. It is easy to navigate and is helped by the ability to easily change music from the main control screen. These options include previous song, next song, play/pause, volume, shuffle/repeat/normal, enter media library, and change visualizer. Song length and song progress is displayed as well. If you are not doing anything, the screen will fade to show the visualizer until you press a button.

The main menu (start menu) allows for some options to be changed. Rumble can be turned on or off. The controller rumbles when selecting an option in the media library and everywhere else. Color Shuffle and Visualizer Shuffle can also be turned on or off. These options are nice and help customize the experience to your liking.

With all of that said, I come to the complaints. The main menu (start menu) is my first of two complaints. It does not feel like a main menu, but just another random menu. Thankfully, the main menu does not even have to be used to play or change music. My second complaint is that Iris does not provide a “search” feature. The search feature could use the Xbox 360 controller (similar to typing a message) to type an artist/album/song and then have Iris find it for you. Easier to find what you want to play this way.


Iris is a strong Media Player with few faults. The faults present do not do enough to truly matter so if you listen to music on your Xbox 360 (or have ever wanted to) try it out now!

Other Games by Altered Reality Entertainment (as of 8/26/09):

- Endless Swarm (Indie Game - 80 Microsoft Points)

For more full reviews, visit the ExL Studios Website .

For quick reviews, visit the ExL Studios Blog .

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